Friday, February 12, 2021

Adidas Men's Pro Elevate 2018 Basketball Shoe Review

Mason James

I as of late tried the Adidas Men's Pro Bounce 2018 basketball shoes and I'm eager to share my experience with you. The shoe looks and feels bigger than the normal volleyball and even some basketball shoes with the additional material on the heel and side. These are very responsive lightweight for a player and protect your ankles very well with no break-in time needed. The fitting, footing, lock-down, backing, and responsiveness are for the most part incredible. I truly like the camo design on the sole as it stands out well from the remainder of the plan. The inside feels like I'm wearing a firm pad with an adaptable cross-section design on the top. It permits the foot to twist and bend every which way easily.

The lone firm piece of the inside is the outer edge where the three stripes are adjusted. This design is incredible for helping quick change of direction and lateral stability, however, makes it stiff for individuals with wide feet like me. I actually bought a 10.5 size which is my normal foot size however needed to trade it for a size 11 as the external edge was squeezing a lot against the side of my foot. The size 11 is much better but I still feel it scouring against the side of my foot a little and it came at the expense of additional toe space in the front of the shoe. The side of the shoe is a bit arduous for me and I wish it had more elasticity as I have wide feet, yet this keeps the side of the foot from moving past the underside of the shoe during peak lateral movements.

The material around the lower leg is very soft, thick, and comfortable. It doesn't rub against the Achilles ligament and gives abundant space to the lower leg to move freely. There is decent traction for multi-directional movement. The sole is substantive to alter course rapidly but without the feet get stuck on it. The heel and side of the shoe broaden farther than the normal ball and volleyball shoe which makes it look bigger than it really is and gives additional solidness. I'm able to lose the shoe up enough to make it comfier without compromising support or stability. There are plentiful padding and heel support which is effective for absorbing shocks from jump-landings and stop and go movements.

I wish there was somewhat more spring in the sole. I really felt springier with the Adidas explosive bounce shoes. This is particularly evident during an approach jump wherein the penultimate step the feet are required to move off the floor. I find the sole much wide and long especially at the heel that my foot doesn't move off the floor as fast and effectively despite there is general contouring in the soles. If you are flat-fitted, just be mindful of the little arch support. Still, I feel no ache or pain around my toes and heels even after a ton of hopping and running. I wish that the sole was somewhat firmer so I could feel the floor when I move.

The shoe laces didn't last, however. Within just two months, I had to change the laces with a fresh order. Modest shoelaces. The insoles didn't hold up too. I needed to change the insoles after a month of wearing them.

My general assessment is that the 2018 Adidas Pro bob shoe is a lovely strong athletic shoe for the given price.  It's all about your personal preference and what you look for from a shoe at the end of the day. If you are looking for stability, comfort, and shock absorption, then this is the perfect shoe for you, especially if you have joint injury proneness. However, if you need that additional spring to feel the floor and tighter fit then this shoe may not be for you.

(Author is a sport enthusiast and blogger)


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