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How can we become fashion models who work for AJIO Amazon or puma etc.?

You are a high school pass out or a budding teenager pursuing your dream of getting into the showbiz industry. Ecommerce modeling may be a suitable entry point for you. Several of the currently established showbiz celebs are from this background. If you have some sharp body features and good fashion taste, then this industry is definitely for you.

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What is the first step?

Now the most basic question. How can you join the profession? Most of the big e-com brands like Amazon, AJIO, Puma hire their models through reputed agencies. First, you will need to appear for the screening process of these agencies. Based on your performance, they caste you for those said brands. You may also work as a freelancer, but the opportunities are very few. Most of these agencies have their websites. You can simply Google search them and see their ratings and reviews. Agencies like Storm Los Angeles, Q Management, and LA Models are some of the top entities on this list in the USA. Once you have fixed your mind with anyone of them, you can simply approach them with an email. You will need to attach a few documents in the email as we will discuss in the following.

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The portfolio stage

The first thing you need to do to crack the screening process of the agencies is to get your polarized pictures done. You can see the video here at this link for further details. The second thing you required is a short introduction video about yourself. It should not be more than 60 seconds in length. The next thing you need is to chart your body measurements. Next, you need to have a good portfolio. It is one of the most essential things for a model. It shows the personality of a model __ his/her body language, posing, expressions, attitude, etc. It works just like a CV for you as approach the agencies or brands for work. See the video here on how to get your portfolio for e-com modeling. If the agencies find your portfolio interesting, they will communicate with you within one or two weeks after you have sent them the email. Avoid emailing them more than once as it will badly destroy your credibility.

Light, camera, and shoot

The fundamental difference between e-com modeling and fashion (ramp) modeling is that an e-com model doesn't require many variations or innovation in his/her poses. After all, you are representing the brand (product), not your physical features. You need to understand the studio set up very well. In most cases, the lights are focused at 450 angles on both the right and left side of your body, and another one is fixed atop focusing on your face. All you need to do is to play around with the light and camera and be natural. The much you use the light properly on your face, the better is the outcome of your picture. Never try to stiffen your shoulder (it will be a horrible picture) which 90 percent of the newcomers do in the beginning. Nevertheless, it will take time and you need to groom yourself standing before the mirror at your home. Remember that a good picture is the product of teamwork between you and your photographer. So you have to understand the requirements of your photographer. The chemistry between you should be good if not perfect.

Your income from e-com modeling

The income you earn from e-com modeling completely depends upon your profile as a model. Companies like Amazon, AJIO, etc. use to pay a fixed amount to the models/day. Usually, it ranges anywhere between $ 100 – $ 300. A major portion of the e-com brands are mostly apparel and it takes several days to complete a photo-shoot. So you can earn more as you continue the shoot. If your performance is impressive, you may receive several assignments from a single agency.

We hope this information may be helpful for you. We always advise you to enquire as much detail as you can from different sources. Nava Rose wishes you all the best for your upcoming journey as a successful e-com model.


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