Monday, September 20, 2021

Ashley Graham reports that she's anticipating twins

It will be a group of five for Ashley Graham and spouse Justin Ervin, as the supermodel uncovers that she's pregnant with twins.

Graham, 33, reported her second pregnancy on July 13 with a nostalgic Instagram post appearance off her developing stomach. The news came similarly as Graham and Ervin's first kid, Isaac, was turning one-and-a-half. On Monday, more than two months subsequent to sharing the news, the mother uncovered that she's hoping to be a mother of three.

(Image credit: Instagram/ashleygraham)

The video showed the second that Graham discovered she was pregnant for the subsequent time. Minutes after the fact, she was seen getting a ultrasound image where she shouted, "Is that twins?"

Graham's PCP affirmed that she was having twins and afterward shared that they are both young men. Graham, who was chuckling in shock, said to Ervin, "We're going to have three young men!"

The news seemed, by all accounts, to be a shock to Graham's companions and supporters as it accomplished for herself.

"Shouting so anyone can hear", one individual composed, while one more said, "You're going to be the bessssst twin mother!!! Also, mother of THREE BOYS!"

Model and entertainer Ireland Baldwin added, "You will have a great time family."

While Graham stayed quiet about the information on having twins over the recent months, she sure hasn't hushed up about her pregnancy as she's common various photographs of her child stomach and the extraordinary ways that she's styling it.

"You are heavenly," somebody remarked. One more composed, "The meaning of GLOWING."


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