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These are the eight fragrances to layer with Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun – the name says it all, right? A simple yet undeniably delicious fragrance with a prominent vanilla note. But what if you crave a little more complexity, a touch of something unexpected? Look no further than the art of fragrance layering! By combining Vanilla Vibes with other scents, you can create a personalized olfactory masterpiece that reflects your mood and style.


Vanilla Vibes’ strengths for layering


  • Versatility: Vanilla Vibes doesn't overpower with sweetness.  Its vanilla note acts as a warm and inviting base that complements a variety of scents.
  • Balance & Depth: Layering with Vanilla Vibes adds depth and complexity to lighter fragrances. It takes the edge off any sharp notes and creates a smoother, more balanced overall fragrance.
  • Year-Round Appeal:  Vanilla can be enjoyed year-round, making Vanilla Vibes a versatile layering base for different seasons.


Considerations for Layering


  • Desired Outcome: Are you looking to add a touch of freshness, a hint of spice, or a more floral character? Choose your layering partner based on the direction you want to take.
  • Seasonality:  Lighter scents might work better for layering with Vanilla Vibes in warmer weather, while richer scents can be explored in cooler months.


Unlocking the Vanilla Magic: Layering Ideas for Every Mood


Ready to elevate your Vanilla Vibes experience? Here are some inspiring combinations to get your creative scent juices flowing.


1. Floral Fantasy

Channel your inner flower child by layering Vanilla Vibes with a light and airy floral fragrance like Byredo Rose of No Man's Land or Diptyque Florabellio. The vanilla adds a touch of sweetness and warmth to these florals, making them more wearable for everyday situations. 


2. Citrus Zest

Feeling energized and ready to take on the day? Layer Vanilla Vibes with a sparkling citrus fragrance like Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt or Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine. The bright citrus notes will add a touch of freshness to the vanilla, creating a scent that's perfect for a summer brunch or a day spent exploring the city.


3. Spicy Sophistication

Craving a touch of intrigue but don't want to go overboard with spice? Layering Vanilla Vibes with a spicy scent like Le Labo Santal 33 or Tom Ford Noir Extreme adds a touch of mystery and depth. The creamy sandalwood of Santal 33 or the smoky embers of Noir Extreme add complexity to Vanilla Vibes, making it perfect for an evening of intrigue with friends.


4. Woody Warmth

Looking for a cozy and inviting scent? Layer Vanilla Vibes with a woody fragrance like Maison Margiela Replica - By the Fireplace or Byredo Bal d'Afrique. The warm notes of wood and smoke in these fragrances combine beautifully with the vanilla, creating a comforting and sophisticated scent perfect for cooler weather or a night in.


Layering Like a Pro (Without the Perfumery Degree)


  • A Light Hand is Key: Remember, Vanilla Vibes is already a sweet fragrance. A couple of spritzes are all you need to create a base for your chosen scent.

  • Layering Order is Flexible:  Generally, it's best to apply Vanilla Vibes first due to its lighter nature. However, fragrance layering is an art, not a science! Experiment and see what works best for you.

  • Trust Your Nose: There are no hard and fast rules! Don't be afraid to mix and match different scents to create a signature olfactory masterpiece that reflects your unique personality.


Beyond the Bottle: Wearing Vanilla Vibes

Here are some additional tips for rocking your Vanilla Vibes, layered or not.

  • Application Matters: Apply the fragrance to areas where your body heat naturally rises, like your wrists, neck, and inner elbows. This helps the scent project throughout the day.
  • Less is More: Vanilla can be a dominant scent. A couple of spritzes are enough to make a lasting impression.
  • Season it Up: Vanilla Vibes can be worn year-round, but it truly shines in cooler weather when the sweetness feels more comforting.


The Final Note

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun is more than just a simple vanilla scent. It's a gateway to a world of olfactory creativity, empowering you to craft a unique fragrance that reflects your mood and style. So grab your favorite fragrance samples, unleash your inner perfumer, and embark on a journey to discover your perfect scent symphony!


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