Thursday, September 14, 2023

Johnny Depp even had a perfume for Captain Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp might have been replaced in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for all the wrong reasons. However, the standards he had set for the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow character would be very hard for another actor to touch. For his fans across the globe, Depp and Jack Sparrow are simply inseparable from each other. From the appearance, dialogue delivery, and costumes, to the flip of the pirate hat, Depp had perfected every detail of the character in his way. But even very few of his earnest fans might be knowing that Depp had a nose for how the character of Captain Jack Sparrow might smell. Eventually, he managed to create that special unique scent for the Captain.


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We already know that Johnny Depp has a special nose for good perfumes. Recently he has even acknowledged that he always insists on creating different types of scents for each of the characters he plays on movies for the last twelve years or so. In real life, Captain Jack Sparrow would have smelled awful for going months without a bath with sweat, grease and dust that accumulates over his skin, mixed with the daily dose of rum and pipe smoking. So, Johnny Depp wanted to replicate that “distinctive smell” in his character. A smell that he termed a  “bit of a pirate” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Further, he added that he wished to smell like “a man who had been at sea for a long time.” He spent time with the makeup team and costume designers to create that very scent which included sweat, rum, and smoke.


Johnny Depp, who played Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, has said that he wanted the character to have a "distinctive smell." He worked with the film's costume designer and makeup artist to create a unique scent for Jack, which included a mix of rum, sweat, and smoke. Their effort was fruitful as Depp’s co-star, Keira Knightley, had admitted that Jack Sparrow’s costume smelled “like a mixture of rum, smoke, and old leather.”

Johnny Depp has been the brand ambassador for the famous perfume brand Dior Sauvage since 2015. A deal that was renewed recently. Their perfumes are highly valued for their long-lasting fresh woody scents and it has a popularity among men across all age groups.

Besides Sauvage, Depp is also fond of the fragrances from the Dior Homme, like Dior Homme Intense and Dior Homme Cologne. He has been a valued customer of celebrity perfume designer Azzi Glasser for quite a long time.

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