Sunday, May 5, 2024

What’s one thing you’ve learned through collecting fragrances? Reddit users spilling the tea

Okay, ditch everything you think you know about fancy perfumes and celebs telling you what to smell like. According to the awesome fragrance folks on Reddit, building a killer scent collection is all about what YOU like, not chasing trends.

A recent thread on r/fragrance had perfume lovers spilling the tea on what they've learned, and let me tell you, it's all about ditching the price tag obsession. As one wise sniffer said, "That super expensive perfume might not be as awesome as that $15 drugstore find that everyone loves on you".  Basically, find scents that make you feel like a million bucks, no matter the brand name.

Another cool thing the Reddit thread highlighted? Forget the "must-have" lists and who influencers are obsessed with. The real magic happens when you discover scents that YOU love, not what some marketing campaign tells you to.  One commenter even said, "Who cares if everyone's raving about [trendy fragrance]? If it smells like your grandma's basement, move on!" 

This focus on your unique scent goes beyond just the perfume itself. Unlike other beauty stuff aimed at teenagers, fragrance collecting is for everyone. The Reddit crew stressed that it's all about finding what makes YOU smell and feel fantastic, no matter your age.

But how do you build a collection that speaks to you without your wallet crying? The Reddit fragrance fam has your back! They recommend checking out decants and samples – tiny portions of perfumes that let you try before you buy (and potentially waste money) on a full-size bottle.

So ditch the designer label chase and get ready to sniff around! The awesome fragrance people on Reddit remind us that building a fragrance collection is about having fun discovering new scents, finding your perfect signature smell, and realizing that the most expensive perfume isn't always the best. Now get out there and start sniffing – your dream scent squad awaits!


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