Tuesday, September 12, 2023

When Priyanka Chopra revealed her choice of perfumes

"That’s just how I smell like.” It was the polite answer by Priyanka Chopra which went viral on social platforms. A fan of hers asked her about the perfume she was wearing during a Jonas Brothers’ concert at Dodgers Stadium in LA that featured her husband Nick Jonas. The actress was seen taking selfies with her fans when the question was asked. However, it is already an open secret when it comes to her choice of perfumes.

Photo courtesy:  Instagram @priyankachopra

In an interview with the People Magazine in 2017 the actress revealed that she has a genuine love for the Trussardi Donna Eau De Parfum. According to her, the fruity floral fragrance of the perfume makes her feel really good and she has been wearing it for quite a long time. Even some other celebs like Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Middleton have publicly endorsed this perfume brand in the past.

Trussardi Donna was introduced in 2011 as a perfume brand dedicated to the modern woman who has a taste for classic scents. Its speciality lies in its versatility which makes it suitable to wear during both day and evening times. From your office desk to a casual dinner date, it exudes an essence of elegance and confidence.

On the other hand, *Trussardi Donna* represents modern Italian chic. It was introduced in 2011 and has since captured the hearts of those who appreciate a contemporary twist on timeless elegance.

The top notes of Trussardi Donna have a charming blend of zingy watery fruits and citrusy yuzu. The heart notes give you a mixed scent of fresh white flowers that includes jasmine and tea buds. The base note leaves a rich woody flavour of cedar and sandalwood.

So, if you are a modern, confident woman who values sophistication then this perfume is definitely for you.

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