Monday, October 23, 2023

A "scentless" fragrance may be an answer to corporate No-fragrance policies

No-fragrance corporate policies are typically implemented to protect employees who have allergies or sensitivities to fragrances. These policies can also help to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all employees. There is no comprehensive data on the total number of corporations in the US with no-fragrance workplace policies. However, a 2018 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management Found that 22% of US employers have no-fragrance policies in place. This suggests that there are likely thousands of corporations in the US with no-fragrance at the workplace policies.

Solution to no-fragrance policies

Some people argue that no-fragrance policies are intrusive and unnecessary. They say that employees should have the right to wear whatever fragrances they want as long as it's not disruptive to the workplace. Some believe that they are unnecessary or ineffective when there's no evidence that fragrance is harmful to the workplace. However, it is important to remember that the right to work in a safe and healthy environment is more important than the right to wear fragrances.

A truce may be offered to the two confronting sides of the story. What if we tell that a fragrance brand is already available in the market that is arguably “scentless”? How peculiar it may sound but at least 16% of the users we interviewed have confirmed that they don’t feel any scent after using these fragrances, while 20% said that they could only smell it faintly. The fragrance brand is  Escentric Molecules. Presently, it has a total 23 different unisex fragrances at its disposal.

Molecule 1 scentless fragrance

What sets Escentric Molecules apart is its ground-breaking scientific approach to perfumes. Each of their fragrances contains only a single aroma molecule, with other seemingly odourless ingredients meticulously chosen to accentuate and enhance this central aroma molecule. These fragrances are known for its unique ability to develop differently on each individual wearer, creating a truly unique and personal scent. The fragrance is also known for being very long-lasting.

So, if you ever find yourself in an organization with a strict no-fragrance policy, these fragrances from Escentric Molecules could be a viable option to explore.


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